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Who are we?

Nomad Custom Software Solutions is a small business with big ideas.

We beleive that just because you are a small business, doesn't mean you SHOULD miss out on what the big business's use.

We were born out of the frustration of small business owners such as cafes and resturants to have a system that is for them,
not for a big business, and for small business prices.

Our founder, Nick, has worked in many different business's over the years and saw the need for highly affordable systems that
not only did the job, but make using the system easy. Consumer level products are all about the user experiance, business level products seem
to lack the clean and easy to understand interfaces. We made it so easy staff can put through orders with 1 minute of training.

Please see here for some of our FAQ's

We didn't stop at our amazingly simple to use Point of Sale System,
we also have a stunningly simple online ordering system that fully integrates into the POS system,
lets run that by you again, FULLY integrated, that means no need to even think about it.

We love giving our customers that personal touch, every business is unique.

We are all about service that you even get the business owners mobile number to call whenever you please! We would love to see a big business do that.
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