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Q: Can I use my own hardware with your software?

A: In most cases yes, however please note that with regards to the computer hardware there is minimum requirements
for running our software properly and any additional hardware(such as printers) can not be guaranteed to work properly
- even if it meets our required specifications.

Q: Is the quote I got the best you can do?

A: In short Yes, we strive to provide the highest quility system at the most affordable prices. Half the reason we exist is the pricing in the POS
market today, we beleive them to be unfairly high for small business. Our software license fee breaks down to be similar to a "App Store" POS product
while still giving you big company features and unlimited support! Most our competition charge for support separate and often quite a bit.

Q: Can I buy the use of the software outright? or Do I have to pay a license/support fee?

A: The monthly license and support fee is the only structure we have. We used to offer a buy out option (like some of our competitors) however
we did away with this for a few reasons.
This includes the fact that support is not included with any outright buy, this means support is charged at an adhoc rate.
You may think once we know how to use it we don't need support anymore or contact us. Our experiance from existing customers shows that
with the average number of calls per business, we would of charged them in excess of twice our yearly fee!

Q: Is your software reliable?

A: Yes, our software has been around for over 4 years now. We are running places from small cafes to large resturants some 24/7.
One of our customers is even Campos Coffee's Third largest customer with over 120KG's of coffee ordered per week! Our software handles this with no worries

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