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Letís introduce your new employee,
the Nomad Custom Software Solutions POS (Point of Sale) System.

At Nomad CSS we strive to create the most user-friendly, functional software and hardware packages AND we do it for unbelievably competitive prices!
Not only do our customers love how easy the Nomad CSS POS System is to use, they also love our ability to create a custom system to suit their needs.
It equips you with the information you need to help you make the right decisions for your business.
It really is like the Nomad CSS is a part of your team.

Software specially designed
for cafe's and resturants
Space saving hardwareCustom functions to suit your specific needs

Designed to be easy to use with a pleasing interface that engages staff and increases their efficiency. All-in-one design combines the touch screen and computer in one unit, no PC box to store thus saving your precious space. In-house developed gives us the power to change how it works to better suit your needs.

The Software

User-friendly interface Online ordering integration In-depth reporting at your fingertips

The Hardware

Compact and sleek design All in one 15.6 inch touch screen PC Thermal Printer and heavy duty cash drawer
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